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Bank Barn for Sale 43 x 25 With Two Cedar Decks Attached Metal Roof Field Stone - $66,000 - (Wadsworth, OH)

BANK BARN, LOFT AND TWO CEDAR DECKS Overall length is 43 feet long by 25 feet wide Side walls are 12 feet high from floor to roof edge Side wall boards are 12 feet length, 1 inch thick and various widths from 6, 8 & 10, 12 inch wide Floor boards are various widths, 7 to 9 inches wide. One inch thick and various lengths of 8 to 10 feet each. Roof trusses are 2 inches thick, 5 inches wide and 16 feet long. There are 21 trusses on each side of the roof for a total of 42 The roof boards running the length of the barn are 1 inch thick, 5 inches wide and various lengths of 12 to 15 feet each. There are about 16 or more the these. A metal roof is attached to these. Not sure of type of wood, Hickory, Oak, Poplar, Chestnut, have been suggested based on local hardwoods. Beams on the walls are 1 inch thick by 5 inches wide to 12 to 15 foot lengths. Several beams are 6x6x11 feet high The cross beams that the flooring is supported by are 10 inches wide. They are 3 inches thick and at least 13 feet long each. There are 25 on each side, for a total of 50. These rest on 8x8 beams that run the length of the barn. Some are notched and pegged. The beams are at least 13 feet each. There are 6 x 8 posts and 8 x8 posts that support the 8x8 beams. The basement block is 7 feet high. It is 4 to 5 rows of cut stone and 3 rows of cinder block on top of these. The basement floor is cement. Inside loft & stairs are newer wood--35 years old. Flooring is covered with 4 x8 plywood. Inside walls have 4x8 plywood on them. Cedar Decks are 14 x 16 and 12 x 12 approximately 15 year old cedar wood. Planks and stair, and railings. No Land goes with this. Buyer MUST have written proof of insurance, have the means to dismantle, remove the useable wood and grade the area after the barn is removed. Agree to hold harmless the owner for injury or damage to equipment . Once started, the work must be completed in a timely manner(weather permitting). Please ask questions before bidding. Site visit can be arrai…

Bank Barn for Sale 43 x 25 With Two Cedar Decks Attached Metal Roof Field Stone


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