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Lilla Opus 5 Industrial Coffee Roaster - $35,000 - (Albuquerque, NM)

The Opus 5 is a smokeless roaster, recirculating the smoke back into the kiln and emitting only a plume of steam and CO2 through the roof stack into the atmosphere. Thus the afterburner is built in. The system has been in constant factory maintenance since it was installed in 2000. System comes with manuals and schematics. Batch size of 60 Kilos/132 pounds; hourly production of 300 kilos/660 pounds. Self cleaning duct system controlled by PLC (programmable logic control); simple operation and maintenance;low shrinkage rates, water cooling system as well as air cooling;air-vey loader of green coffee and destoner. Roasted coffee pneumatic silo. Needed Infrastructure is city gas and single phase 208-240Volts. Designed for continuous, heavy-duty use (industrial strength). Fully functional and can be viewed in operation in Albuquerque. Being sold to make room for a larger roaster.

Lilla Opus 5 Industrial Coffee Roaster


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